Hawksmoor Wood Wharf Opening Soon
Located in Canary Wharf

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Bringing the experience of the best steak restaurant in the UK to your doorstep, wherever you are in mainland Great Britain, using the same world class, sustainable produce as we do in our restaurants.
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A labour of love to find the perfect beef inspired us to try to open the best steak restaurant in London. Happily, we received great reviews and a few awards which encouraged us to broaden the menu and aim to be amongst the best restaurants of any kind in the UK.

Our attitude has never changed. The menus revolve around the best ingredients we can find – whether it be beef from grass-fed traditionally reared cattle, sustainable seafood from around the British coast, seasonal fruits and vegetables or great British cheeses – and are served by friendly people who love what they do.
We hope you enjoy it too – we’d love your feedback so we can keep on improving.
It will go straight to us and we’ll always respond as quickly as we can.

Will & Huw

“The best steak we have ever eaten.”
– Esquire

“Hawksmoor is a meateater’s paradise, a homage to top-quality British beef. Yet, it’s more than just another steak house.”
– Time Out

“Mind-blowingly delicious steaks
and superb cocktails”
– Harden’s

“The meat had a depth of flavour that was almost tear-jerking”
– The Times

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