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2021 Nebulous Stars Porcelain price Painting

Nebulous Stars Porcelain Painting


Nebulous Stars Porcelain Painting


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My home is in the heart of a great cosmic cloud where the stars shine day and night. Water, vegetation and all creatures reflect the splendour of the multi-coloured, star-oversown sky. Come and visit it it in your next dream! Believe me, the universe always listens to you!

Stella is my best friend, she is adorable and magic! Everything is possible with it. It stimulates me to never give up! She's so cute! It's a star friendship!



I even love to surround myself in my star constellation with natural elements. In this light, where the crowns of the flowering trees form a dome, I calm and can concentrate on myself. This mysterious forest houses funny little creatures that I play with. Everywhere around us we can discover beauty, it is only to keep your eyes open.

Paloma can climb, run and even fly. She is so enterprising and positive. Everything seems possible with this pretty creature. I always feel so comfortable when I spend a little time with her. It helps me to see the good in everything! I love them!



The trees and plants give off their pleasant natural scent in my room. Every season makes me cheerful. I like to see the leaves follow on the buds before they change their colour and fall back to the ground. This eternal new beginning calms me.

Elana, my precious little creature, always stays by my side. I can always count on them and they on me. I like to take care of them and meet their needs. I feed it, brush it, love her and she purrs with joy.



Like all other stars, I also live, above the sky... but I love to surround me with beautiful things from the sea. I love to sleep in this pretty large shell. Aquatic plants and animals adorn my world. They have a soothing effect and invite you to dream. You should always believe in your dreams.

My little Octavia is one of the funniest creations I know. She loves to tickle me with her eight catch arms so I can't stop laughing. It is very important to laugh. Laughter sweetens everyday life.







The walls of my room are made of coloured coral. These vibrant and fabulous organisms need to be preserved and therefore better not to touch them. Jeden Tag ich mich mich, dass ich sehen sie kann

My little Lyria can feel heavily disturbed when she meets new people. Although she is so fun and cheerful, she disappears in her shell. I have learned to pay attention to her rhythm and when she feels comfortable, she joins in our games.



Although I live with all my friends in a cosmic cloud I really like my colourful room. Everything around me is filled with the colours of the northern lights. I even have your own rainbow slide that leads me outside! See it for yourself!

My girlfriend Aura is unique. When we are together, I feel a deep bond, I feel calm and concentrated. This is due to their magical charism! It is full of light, love and life. I am so glad that she is my girlfriend!



I live in the middle of a huge cosmic cloud where the sparkling stars light up the sky. Countless small and large planets with their moons complete this enchanting backdrop. A fluorescent garden full of moon blossoms surrounds my beautiful house.

My little Louna loves to chat. She lays on my forearm, tilts her head to the side and looks at me with her big, gentle eyes. She is very conversational and cheerful, but can also listen well and understands my pleasures and worries. What a luck to have them in my life!


Continue follows...

... and soon you can discover more Nebulous stars!






The Nebulous World


The Nebulous Stars collection.

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Nebulous Stars Porcelain Painting


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